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Breakthrough genomic cancer testing from a single blood draw

Guardant Health has helped thousands of oncologists learn accurate and actionable information about tens of thousands of patients, while avoiding the costs and risks of tissue biopsies. Our genomic test helps match advanced-cancer patients to approved targeted therapies as well as drugs in clinical trials.

What is Guardant360?


A simple blood draw is all it takes


Our 73-gene panel targets actionable somatic alterations


Used by most leading cancer centers and more than 1,000 clinics

Tumors evolve
Treatment must too

Access precision care through a simple blood test

The precise genomic picture without the risks

See how non-invasive, comprehensive
tumor-DNA testing helped Susan and Carole

Trusted by leading oncologists at top cancer centers

See how doctors use Guardant360
to help patients

Guardant360 is comprehensive and accurate

The most validated comprehensive liquid biopsy

Guardant Health has helped more advanced-cancer patients, worked with more physicians, and collaborated on more scientific research than any comprehensive liquid biopsy provider.

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The vast majority of NCI comprehensive cancer centers use our test, along with a growing number of research and community oncologists.

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